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Child initiatives programs focused on literacy awarded state funds in Rochester

Let’s Get L.I.T. and the Rochester Imagination Library have been granted a sum of $35,000 in state funding to augment their child literacy endeavors within the city.

Let’s Get L.I.T. will be granted $25,000 for its program that facilitates the establishment of home libraries. The program additionally emphasizes the empowerment of parents by furnishing them with resources to assist their children at home and imparting instruction on cursive writing.

Separately, the Rochester Imagination Library is set to receive a sum of $10,000 in funding. The grant will be allocated towards the implementation of a citywide marketing strategy aimed at educating the community on the free literacy programs offered by Imagination Library, as well as the enrollment process for families with children.

State Senator Jeremy Cooney secured funding through the New York state budget process.  

“I was raised by an English professor, with a special focus in children’s literature, and I have not forgotten the importance of developing young readers for a future of academic success and lives enriched by reading,” Cooney said. “Both the Imagination Library and Let’s Get L.I.T. are the ‘boots-on-the-ground’ doing the critical work in our city.” 

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